Swimming lesson

Living on Incirlik is like being in the movie The Truman Show. It’s very surreal. You’re in the middle of a Muslim country that seems very third world in this area but on base it’s a little fake American city. Except its not like the city evolved naturally like a normal city. Actually, one big planner designed the city, owns the whole thing, and put it all there in the middle of the desert. Library, bowling alley, pool, arts and crafts, home store, grocery store, you name it. Even mini golf. It’s kind of hard to explain but just kind of weird and surreal.

Anyway, it’s still a small town and the base pool is a pretty big deal. We go almost every day and see lots of people we know. Evan had his first swim lesson there today and loved it!



Friends and Baby

We got blessed this week with two dear friends coming to visit!  Kate and Angela (roomie) are Erin’s friends from the Air Force Academy.  They both fly C-17s and flew through this week.  It was so great to see close friends in a far-away place.  Kate has spent a lot of time here and helped us order our first real Turkish meal.  It was delicious.  The cheese bread is dangerously good.  Roomie and Evan have a special bond and loved seeing each other!

Tom is still inprocessing.  So much inprocessing.  His clinic is nice and I came for an OB appointment Thursday.  The baby is 14 weeks with a strong heart beat around 160bpm!  Way to survive my ridiculous moving across the world and workouts, baby.  Proud of you. 🙂  It sounds like for sure I’ll be spending at least 6 weeks in Germany to deliver in January.  Anyone interested in a vacation to Germany?

I returned to the market again.  The markets here are great.  Some of my purchases:
1.5 lbs white cherries – $1.25
Large loaf of freshly baked sourdough and a cookie – $0.50
3 cucumbers – free (wasn’t worth his time to charge me for only 3?)

In other news, Evan is a thief.  From what I can tell, every family on our street has young children and they leave their toys in their carport (no garages).  Evan’s favorite pastime is going around the street taking toys while I chase him around putting them back. 

“This is what this one does”:


Plotting his next move:


Turkish Market

Our kind friends took us to a Turkish market this weekend.  After seeing the limited produce options on base, it was awesome to see all the fresh produce for sale.  Even better, the prices are SO low.  We got more fruits, veggies, and eggs than we could carry for around $10.  We’re trying to work on our Turkish language skills but it’s slow going.  For now we can pretty much only say “hi, thank you, and how much?”

Evan was a big hit at the market again.  He had a drove of Turkish children following him around and he wanted to hold hands and jump in the air with them:


I’m still amazed at the way Turkish people just come and pick up children.  This guy just came and grabbed Evan to give him a hug, put him on the scale, and offer us a price for him (joking around).  Evan totally gets a kick out of it!


Here’s more of Evan’s admirers.  Later a young boy like this saw Evan, ran into his house, and came out carrying his baby sister for Evan to meet.  Very sweet.


I love these Turkish women.  Turkey is such an interesting mix of traditional, covered women and less traditional.  She kept trying to talk to me, maybe to sell a scarf?  I wish I could speak Turkish.  I was too busy keeping track of Evan to get a better picture of her, and she kept looking at my camera!  I’ll work on getting some better shots in the future.Image


Beach trip

We made our first adventure off base this weekend.  Some friends took us to a beach on the Mediterranean, and it was gorgeous.  It turns out that Turkish people have a really different approach to children than in the states.  Evan was like a little celebrity there, and the boundaries are totally different.  People would just come up and pinch his cheeks or even pick him up and kiss him!  He got all kinds off free stuff – ice cream cone, lollypop, bagel, and raft.  They’re especially fascinated by his eyes, almost like they’ve never seen blue eyes before.  Oddly, almost all the people who approach Evan are men.  I’m not sure exactly what the cultural thing going on is but the beach was full of groups of men.  The women who were there were covered in the heat so I don’t blame the rest of them for not going.  Anyway, the water was beautiful:


There was a mosque right on the shore, you can see the spire and dome in this picture:ImageEvan did great in the water and loved playing in the sand.  He literally had a little mob of admirers just watching him from the water when he got out, so odd.  They would wave at him from the water and when we would wave back they got all excited.  The people here are very sweet.  We’ve been joking that Evan is going to be so let down when he gets back to the US and isn’t a celebrity anymore though. 🙂Image.



House Tour

Well, it’s been a while since I updated this blog!  Life got busy once I went back to work and school with Evan.  Anyway, we just moved from California to Incirlik Air Base in Turkey and we’ll be posting updates here!  Please come back to check for more news from us.  For now, here’s a tour of our house on base:

To start, here’s a little tour of our house.  Might be boring but we’ve had so many requests for house pictures!  So here you go.  We’re getting our stuff in a few months so it will feel more like home then.  Almost everything in this house is the rental set-up from the base.  Here’s the view of our house from the street.  It’s at the end of a culdesac, left side with small white sedan in carport:


This playground is literally behind our house, the wall on the left is our building.  This place is like Mayberry with kids running around everywhere and people all knowing each other.


Here’s the kitchen.  We got lucky, it’s very nice for this base:


And here’s the dining area:

dining area

Living room/office:

living room

Half bath with weird European toilet:


Laundry room with huge storage:


Upstairs we have Evan’s room:


evan room:

Master bedroom and bathroom:

IMG_3859 master

Finally, guest room and bathroom:

IMG_3861 guest

Overall, we love the house!