Speaking of the mall…

I’m so confused. I mainly went to the mall hoping to find some clothes that would be appropriate to wear off base – long skirts, capris, loose shirts, etc. The women at the mall were, as usual, dressed conservatively. However, the stores carried only western style clothing – short skirts and shorts, tank tops, bikinis, etc! Who is buying all this clothing and where are Turkish women buying the clothes they actually wear?? I’ve heard two answers: markets and making by hand. Anyway, I’ve gone twice and no luck.

I do admire the conservative dress here, I just don’t understand the mall phenomenon. Turkish women are beautiful and so is their clothing – especially the scarves they wear on their heads. American women buy them (pashminas) just because they’re so pretty, then we’re not sure what to do with them. 🙂

Some of the women here cover and some don’t. These pictures kind of cover the most to least conservative I see. I haven’t seen the full burkas like in Afghanistan, which actually was kind of upsetting to me. I’m sure different areas of Turkey may be more or less conservative than Adana. Most conservative:
Least conservative (long pants and shoulders covered):
Anyway, not much else to report. Tom and I have been super sick. Even Lucy seems sick. Evan seems fine, but he did take a 4-hour nap the other day. He woke up really happy!


2 thoughts on “Speaking of the mall…

  1. The history of what women wear here is such a deep thing! you have the ‘educated’ women who like Ataturk looks to the Europe side to life and values. Then you have the covered ladies that are showing that their faith is really important and these will follow the Islamic Laws on dress. Then you have the village ladies that have the loose headscarf’s and really have maybe ‘old family lead values’ on dress. Now mix that up with the modern young Turkish groups and you start to see what is going on. No Turkish people I know where the burkas as this dress comes from the Arabic nations. We do have some around, but like us these are people that have moved here. When I first moved here it was unusual to see headscarf’s other than from the villagers but now it is far more common and I think this is reflective of the swing to a more religious nation. To show shoulders or mid tummy’s is seen as daring here. OK on tourist but really seen as bad for local girls. This is only my thoughts on it!

  2. So interesting, thank you! I’m looking forward to learning more about the culture here, as you clearly understand very well. I can really sense all the different influences here that affect women’s dress. What an interesting country!

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