Library Story Time

Well, there’s not a lot for little pre-schoolers to do here. Now that Evan’s swimming lesson is over we thought we would check out the library story time. There was a dog for the kids to pet, stories, and crafts. It was so crowded! Lots of sweet Turkish nannies there. Ours stayed home to cook some fabulous Turkish food. These women put my cooking to shame.

Side note – is it normal for a 22-month old to be a bully? Evan pulled a little girl off a play set, she fell down and hit her head on a bookcase. I felt so bad…and angry…and not sure what to do. Five minutes earlier he was sweetly hugging and sharing. Ugh, parenting is confusing. I took him out to the car and we went home, but I’m not sure he understood why.



4 thoughts on “Library Story Time

  1. Yes it is sad but normal! try in his understanding level, say how that felt for the girl. Ask him to say sorry. Accidents do happen and it is in how we deal with them that counts. Say like it is ‘Oh look you were rough there and now the little girls is crying’ ‘Go say sorry’ and then play nicely. When he is playing nicely tell him how good that is. Do not get ‘mad’ as he is learning. Reward the behaviour you want to see. Say how nice it is if he is kind/ sharing/ thoughtful. I hope that helps. Please remember it really is just learning and breath! How hard it can be to be a parent. Mine are 19 and 24 and we still get ‘problems’ crop up!

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