Bodrum, Turkey

We were blessed to visit Bodrum, Turkey as well as the Greek island Kos!  What a beautiful weekend.  Greece was only a 45-min ferry ride but felt a world away.  We love Turkey but the feeling here is much different than the Western world.  Greece felt more like home, just more beautiful with better food and history. 🙂


Greek Church


Ferry Ride


Greek Ruins

Greek wall

Greek wall


Tree of Hippocrates


Bodrum Harbor


Ferry Ride


Ferry Ride


5 thoughts on “Bodrum, Turkey

      • YES! but make sure you do this when it is not too hot as the marble( and there is a lot!) triples the heat! and wear good shoes as it is a lot of walking, so worth while and full of fantastic things to see. I really feel the lives that lived there, it just comes to life so well.

  1. Beautiful pictures. Looks like they were taken by a professional photographer. So glad you all are enjoying your stay and taking advantage of the rich culture of Turkey & Greece.

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