It’s Getting Downright Civilized Around Here

We finally got our first shipment from our house in California! This is just the small, early one and the big one comes later. It’s been 2 months since we arrived here in Turkey. The whole experience has reminded me that we really need so much less than we think. But hey, I was Sooo excited! Evan was obviously really happy to see his stuff. I was amazed he remembered it after we packed it 5 months ago. Things we haven’t had and now received yesterday:

– measuring cups/spoons
– chefs knife
– crock pot
– TV
– bikes
– table cloth/ placemats
– coffee mugs
– our own pillows
– our own plates/silverware/glasses
– our nice stroller

Plus lots and lots more toys, books, linens, and kitchen equipment! Yay! It all sounds so minor but feels SO luxurious to us.




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