Back in action

Well……we’re still alive. And what a crazy time it’s been. We went to storknest in Germany for two months during Jan/Feb – the military has families stationed in Turkey go to Germany to deliver. We came home with this handsome little guy!


His name is Austin and we love him to death. Evan is a great big brother most of the time.

We were back in Turkey just long enough to take down Christmas decorations and un-pack/re-pack, then we headed to Dallas for my second semester of Dietetics internship. It was amazing and I am more excited than ever to be a Dietitian! We’re back in Turkey now – and adventuring around.

Last weekend we went to check out “snake castle”, about 30 minutes east of Adana. It was beautiful, but hot. What really sticks in my mind actually isn’t the castle but some people we saw by the road. They were living there under sheets propped up with sticks and poles. I mean – doing their laundry in buckets of stream water. And cooking on fire. Kind of like camping – but not as nice with modern equipment – and not for fun. This is their life. I saw a little boy about 18 months old walking around in the dirt wearing rags and it just broke my heart.

Incirlik is such an odd place – the base feels like America (almost), but you drive 15 minutes away and see this kind of poverty. It’s like an alternate reality. I don’t know if these people are Turkish or Syrian refuges, but I seriously want to drive out there and drop off some children’s clothing.

Anyway, we have other updates to share, and coming soon! There’s not much to do here during the summer so…get ready. 🙂