Lunch w Aunt Laurel

Guess who met us for lunch in Fair Oaks this weekend? We had nut burgers with Laurel in Fair Oaks! Evan loved seeing Auntie and getting lots of hugs.




Little traveler

This guy is going on a few trips this spring! Texas, Yosemite (tent camping!), and Australia (14 hr flights!) raise your hand if you think his parents are crazy.



Well, it’s been about a 3 week hiatus of Evan not sleeping well and, this total mom delirium and lack of blogging. Don’t want to jinx anything but the last 2 nights may have been better. Let’s just pray little Evan gets over his cold…please!!


Back to work

It’s back to work for Erin which means full time daycare for Evan. I was heartbroken the first day but it’s gotten much better. Evan is doing great at the CDC and the ladies there love him! He takes naps unswaddled, a miracle:

He loves to smile at Ms Mary:

And he has a little girlfriend who is 3 days older! They ride around in the baby wagon together 🙂