Crochet Blanket

I’ve noticed a lot of women knit or crochet here at Incirlik. I think it’s just the slower pace of life; there’s less to do here. I’ve knitted some projects but only crochet one major project – a baby blanket for Evan. It took me years! I started it for another baby way before I got pregnant but ended up finishing it for Evan. So, I’m worried about finishing this blanket with only about 5 months until my due date. So far, I’ve been finding time for it, so maybe it will happen! I hope so – I feel less focused on this pregnancy than I did with Evan. I don’t want this baby to have less than Evan because its not our first – so here! A blanket of your own! I feel better now. 🙂



Friends and Baby

We got blessed this week with two dear friends coming to visit!  Kate and Angela (roomie) are Erin’s friends from the Air Force Academy.  They both fly C-17s and flew through this week.  It was so great to see close friends in a far-away place.  Kate has spent a lot of time here and helped us order our first real Turkish meal.  It was delicious.  The cheese bread is dangerously good.  Roomie and Evan have a special bond and loved seeing each other!

Tom is still inprocessing.  So much inprocessing.  His clinic is nice and I came for an OB appointment Thursday.  The baby is 14 weeks with a strong heart beat around 160bpm!  Way to survive my ridiculous moving across the world and workouts, baby.  Proud of you. 🙂  It sounds like for sure I’ll be spending at least 6 weeks in Germany to deliver in January.  Anyone interested in a vacation to Germany?

I returned to the market again.  The markets here are great.  Some of my purchases:
1.5 lbs white cherries – $1.25
Large loaf of freshly baked sourdough and a cookie – $0.50
3 cucumbers – free (wasn’t worth his time to charge me for only 3?)

In other news, Evan is a thief.  From what I can tell, every family on our street has young children and they leave their toys in their carport (no garages).  Evan’s favorite pastime is going around the street taking toys while I chase him around putting them back. 

“This is what this one does”:


Plotting his next move: