Beach trip

We made our first adventure off base this weekend.  Some friends took us to a beach on the Mediterranean, and it was gorgeous.  It turns out that Turkish people have a really different approach to children than in the states.  Evan was like a little celebrity there, and the boundaries are totally different.  People would just come up and pinch his cheeks or even pick him up and kiss him!  He got all kinds off free stuff – ice cream cone, lollypop, bagel, and raft.  They’re especially fascinated by his eyes, almost like they’ve never seen blue eyes before.  Oddly, almost all the people who approach Evan are men.  I’m not sure exactly what the cultural thing going on is but the beach was full of groups of men.  The women who were there were covered in the heat so I don’t blame the rest of them for not going.  Anyway, the water was beautiful:


There was a mosque right on the shore, you can see the spire and dome in this picture:ImageEvan did great in the water and loved playing in the sand.  He literally had a little mob of admirers just watching him from the water when he got out, so odd.  They would wave at him from the water and when we would wave back they got all excited.  The people here are very sweet.  We’ve been joking that Evan is going to be so let down when he gets back to the US and isn’t a celebrity anymore though. 🙂Image.