Cappadocia Trip

Last weekend we made a trip to Cappadocia.  It’s about 3 hours north of here, a really cool area with underground cave cities and cave churches from early Christians (10-12th century).  The Goreme Open Air Museum is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and was our favorite part.  Christians created this beautiful cave city complete with many churches.  You can still see the beautiful paintings on the walls inside.  It was chilling to stand in a place like this, and to hear the Muslim call to prayer at the same time.  Turkey has such a fascinating history and we’re excited to see more.



ImageThe town here was charming, with Turkish shops and restaurants along a river.  We weren’t sure what we were ordering for dinner but ended up with a traditional meal – lamb and chicken stews cooked in clay pots.  At the restaurant they cut the pots open at your table with a sword.  It was delicious.  Even the hotels in the town are in caves, and beautifully decorated:

ImageThe Turkish guys running the hotel loved Evan and played with him while we ate breakfast.  They taught him some dances and gave him to some Chinese women to share their breakfast.  It’s still crazy to see how comfortable they are taking children here.  The same thing happened when we went to an underground city.   The area has these whole cities dug underground like caves and whole Christian communities hid there to avoid persecution.  Anyway, two Turkish teenagers took Evan through the caves while we followed behind just watching.  Our gardener told us Turkish people believe they get blessed by making a child happy, so maybe that’s what’s going on.  We’ve also heard that Turkish people believe a child with blue eyes wards off evil.  I wish I knew the culture and language better so I could understand.  It’s a work in progress.