Turkish Market

Our kind friends took us to a Turkish market this weekend.  After seeing the limited produce options on base, it was awesome to see all the fresh produce for sale.  Even better, the prices are SO low.  We got more fruits, veggies, and eggs than we could carry for around $10.  We’re trying to work on our Turkish language skills but it’s slow going.  For now we can pretty much only say “hi, thank you, and how much?”

Evan was a big hit at the market again.  He had a drove of Turkish children following him around and he wanted to hold hands and jump in the air with them:


I’m still amazed at the way Turkish people just come and pick up children.  This guy just came and grabbed Evan to give him a hug, put him on the scale, and offer us a price for him (joking around).  Evan totally gets a kick out of it!


Here’s more of Evan’s admirers.  Later a young boy like this saw Evan, ran into his house, and came out carrying his baby sister for Evan to meet.  Very sweet.


I love these Turkish women.  Turkey is such an interesting mix of traditional, covered women and less traditional.  She kept trying to talk to me, maybe to sell a scarf?  I wish I could speak Turkish.  I was too busy keeping track of Evan to get a better picture of her, and she kept looking at my camera!  I’ll work on getting some better shots in the future.Image